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However, the UIS dataset has several missing observations, particularly for years prior to 2010. As discussed above, richer districts prefer a zero central tax and full local funding. Thus, when the foundation grants are positive, there is an income threshold above which districts choose to supplement the foundation grants. These districts spend less on public education under a foundation grants regime than under a pure local regime. This is because the central funding is more expensive than local funding for these communities. Along the same lines, they will spend more under the foundation grants regime than under pure centralization.

Ehrlich argues that, although food and housing could count toward minimum wage, college tuition is not creditable under FLSA. College athletics operate under the National Collegiate Athletic Association , a private nonprofit organization. Under current NCAA regulations, compensation for student athletes is limited to scholarships for their education. Meanwhile, universities enter multimillion dollar deals with cable networks and athletic brands—all of which profit from using athletes’ images in marketing campaigns, apparel sales, and ticket sales, among other revenue.

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Certainly, there are students with poor academic records in every department, regardless of their extra curricular activities. Let’s consider a handful of the unfortunate myths about student-athletes. The NCAA keeps players in poverty and denies them ways to earn money, while making millions on their performance. The highest paid men’s basketball coach was the University of Kentucky head coach, John Calipari, who was paid $8.2 million per year. 69 other head men’s basketball coaches were paid more than $1 million annually, and another three more than $500,000. Days before the scheduled vote Makan Delrahim, JD, Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice under the Trump administration, questioned the proposed rules’ compliance with antitrust laws.


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